SZA’s new album SOS is slated to drop on Friday, Dec. 9, but fans have already seen a sneak peek at the album cover.

For her long-awaited followup to 2017’s CTRL, the artwork features SZA sitting at the edge of along diving board, suspended over the ocean.

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In a closeup, she can be seen wearing a football jersey with the lettering “S.O.S.” on the sleeves, with “SZA” displayed on the back, with her feet clad in Timberland boots.

That particular image, she revealed during an interview with HOT 97, has a hidden meaning inspired by the late Princess Diana.

“Originally I was supposed to be on top of a shipping barge, but in the references that I pulled for that, I pulled the Diana reference,” she said, explaining the album cover was her own take on the iconic photos of Diana, wearing a blue bathing suit, sitting on the edge of a diving board affixed to a luxury yacht owned by Mohammed El Fayed.

“I just loved how isolated she felt and that’s what I wanted to convey the most,” she added.