On Thursday morning, The Hollywood Reporter held its Women in Entertainment Breakfast, but one notable name didn’t show up: Kim Kardashian.

While presenting the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award to his friend, Charlize Theron, actor Seth Rogen took the opportunity to gently roast the reality star for failing to appear.

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“Are we gonna talk about how Kim Kardashian didn’t show up? Is that gonna happen?” Rogen said in his speech. “I don’t know. All I’ll say is this, I have seen every episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, I know she’s not doing something more important than this. I’ve seen 100,000 hours of her. She’s never done something more important than this. This would be the climax of the show.”

He then added, “What is she doing? She’s honestly, she’s probably dealing with a lot right now.”

Kardashian, who recently finalized divorce terms with Kanye West, was slated to appear at the event, but apparently her absence was down to a scheduling snafu.

A source told TMZ, “The wrong event date was given to Kim’s team several weeks ago. The error was realized only on Monday and unfortunately, her schedule could not be moved around at the last minute due to a prior work commitment. She was incredibly disappointed to not be able to attend since she never cancels.”

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During her opening remarks at the event, Chelsea Handler also joked about Kardashian being missing.

“Now, some of you are asking if the extra security outside was for Kim Kardashian. It’s not, because she actually did not show up this morning,” Handler said. “So the security actually showed up because I am wearing Marylin Monroe’s diva cup. And just like Kim, I had to lose 20 pounds for it to fit.”

Handler continued. “Kim was actually kind enough to hire me in her recent bra campaign for Skims this year. She noticed that I was putting my boobs on the internet for free and said, ‘You know, you can get paid for that right?’ So basically, I work for the Kardashians now, but let’s be honest, at this point we’re all working for the Kardashians.”