Kanye West just put out new music.

On Wednesday night, the rapped released a new song, “Someday We’ll All Be Free”, exclusively on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars website.

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In the song, which samples Donnie Hathaway’s 1973 track of the same name, West references a number of recent controversies, including his “White Lives Matter” shirt from Paris Fashion Week.

“Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free,” he raps on the track.

“Wakin’ up to ‘I can’t do this anymore’ texts (Woo)/And the Bible said I can’t have any more sex ’til marriage (Woo, woo),” he rhymes at another point. “No drip ’til Paris (Paris)/The meek shall flourish (Flourish)/So where’s my heiress? (Heiress)/You wouldn’t understand (‘Stand)/How thin this air is (Air is)/Your friends just starin’ (Starin’)/Everyone’s a Karen (Karen).”

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In another of the song’s verses, West makes reference to his anti-semitic tweet in which he said he was going “death con 3 on Jewish people.”

“I ain’t never rocked with none of y’all, no way (No way)/And I’m pullin’ up in that white OJ (Ayy),” he raps. “Used to wear watch filled with the O’Sheas/Jackson if you nasty/Tweeted ‘death con,’ now we past three(It won’t be long, take it from me, someday—)/Tweeted ‘death con,’ now we past three.”