Octavia Spencer is the newest star to join the Hollywood Boulevard.

The actress was honoured with a star at the famous landmark on Thursday in a ceremony attended by Allison Janney and “Spirited” co-star Will Ferrell, along with Julius Tennon and Mekhi Pfifer and director Tate Taylor.

Spencer was overwhelmed with emotions as she took the stage, admitting she was “trying to keep it together because I know I haven’t taken all of my pictures yet, and I want my makeup to be pretty.”

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While Ferrell was praising his friend, however, a heckler interrupted the ceremony with repeated shouts including accusing the ceremony of “celebrating rich people”.

The witty comedian was quick to shut them down, however.

“Not on Octavia’s day!,” he shouted as they shooed the man along. “Keep it moving. Keep it moving. The wax museum’s down there. That thing is wide open.”

They were persistent, however, and Ferrell responded with quick comedic jabs of his own.

“He’s got powerful lungs. He’s using his diaphragm,” the comic joked. “Louder, please. They can’t hear you in Alhambra.”

As he finished his speech, he jokingly referenced the heckler a last time, wondering if it was his turn.

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“Is that guy up next? Is he supposed to speak? Sweatpants weirdo, is he up here?” joked Ferrell. “Should I just go tackle him?”

During the guest of honour’s speech, Spencer made sure to thank family members, her team, and everyone who supported her along her journey.

“If you happen upon my star, while mine will be the only name you see, remember all the names that I just named, the people that I just named today. My Village,” she said. “They’re only a fraction of the people that guide me from behind the scenes. For me, this isn’t a solitary achievement. For me, it took my family, my tribe, my village, and I thank you.”