Brendan Fraser has received a Golden Globe nomination for his highly applauded role in “The Whale”. However, the actor won’t be spotted at the upcoming Jan. 10 awards ceremony.

In an interview with GQ last month, Fraser, 54, vowed to boycott the show, stating that he “will not participate” if nominated. The actor’s statement comes after he claimed he was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)- who organize the annual ceremony- in a separate interview with GQ in 2018.

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Fraser also claimed that he “became depressed” after the incident. At the time, Berk denied the allegations but Fraser’s team requested a written apology from the HFPA, which they then received from Berk, however he noted that Fraser’s version of events was “a complete fabrication.”

That same year, an investigation was conducted by the HFPA, who concluded that although “Berk inappropriately touched Mr. Fraser, the evidence supports that it was intended to be taken as a joke and not as a sexual advance.” The 89-year-old journalist remained a voting member of the HFPA until 2021 when he was let go after having sent an email to fellow members, calling Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement.”

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Fraser’s impressive role as a 600-pound professor in “The Whale” landed him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a drama film. The actor is up against Austin Butler (“Elvis”), Hugh Jackman (“The Son”), Bill Nighy (“Living”) and Jeremy Pope (“The Inspection”).