Lily Collins basically has two identities.

The leading lady of the popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris” revealed that she responds to both her own name and her beloved character’s name, Emily Cooper.

“I get called Emily all the time,” the actress laughed while chatting with Porter for the magazine’s new cover story. “I respond to either one now. I take it as a compliment.”

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For the past three years, Collins has starred as the titular millennial marketing assistant, whom she is very fond of. She’s set to continue portraying Emily for at least one more season, given the show’s renewal for season four.

“She’s somebody who is optimistic and solution-driven, and to play someone like Emily can give me a boost when I don’t even know I need it,” the actress said of her starring role. “Just to be able to feel a sense of positivity; that’s what Emily does for me.”

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“Emily in Paris” is nearly one week away from premiering its highly anticipated third season when brand new episodes drop on Netflix on Dec. 21.