Dionne Warwick is still waiting for a response from Pete Davidson.

The 82-year-old hilariously insisted she’d be dating Davidson next after the comedian was linked to Emily Ratajkowski last month.

While appearing on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”, Hudson questioned whether she’d heard from Davidson.

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Warwick laughed, “No I have not,” as a photoshopped image of the pair was shown on screen.

Dionne Warwick, Pete Davidson.
Dionne Warwick, Pete Davidson. — Getty

The singer cheekily added, “I figured he’s dating everybody else, why not me?”

Hudson also showed a tweet Warwick had posted about Leonardo DiCaprio’s rule about only dating 25 year olds.

Warwick giggled, “Yeah, he’s a cutie!”

She continued, “I met him… he had eyes on my granddaughter,” seemingly referencing Cheyenne Elliott.

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“So I had to get him to understand,” she added, before wiggling her finger like it was never going to happen.

During Warwick’s appearance, she also recalled the time she nearly got arrested, as well as explaining how she got her stage name.

See more in the clips below.