Haley Lu Richardson was a massive Jonas Brothers super fan.

This week, the “White Lotus” star appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and the host brought up her childhood love for the band.

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He pulled out a photo of her as a kid posing with the Jonas Brothers at a meet-and-greet in the late-’00s.

“This is the picture that I talk to of my inner child… She was in love with the Jonas Brothers,” Richardson said. “She probably waited for three or four hours in a meet and greet line with her mother to meet Nick and Joe and Kevin. And she had made this tie, she had made this tie herself because Nick at the time was going through a tie phase.”

The actress also revealed that she wrote Nick Jonas’ name on her sneakers, and had an AOL account named “Haley Jonas”.

She also gave Nick a DIY tie that she had made, though she didn’t know if it had ever gotten to him.

“We actually got in touch with Nick,” Corden said to a stunned Richardson, before adding, “No, I’m joking.”

“My heart just dropped,” she laughed. “Could you text him, though? If you’re such great friends?”

Corden said he didn’t have Nick’s phone number, but did have his brother Joe’s digits.

“Could you ask Joe to ask Nick if he ever got my tie?” Richardson said, and Corden promised to do it.

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Later, Corden interrupted things to say his phone was vibrating, and got on a FaceTime call with Nick Jonas himself.

Seeing the singer’s face, Richardson was speechless, covering her face and turning away from the camera.

“Is this a pre-recorded video?” she asked, to which Nick responded, “No, I promise you.”

He added, “I just finished ‘White Lotus’ last night.”

Corden asked Nick about the tie, but only cryptically said, “I may or may not have the tie.”

“Nick, can I tell you something?” Richardson asked. “I just wanted to tell you that … you’re a huge part of childhood and therefor life forever. All of my Converse, as I said earlier, that I had in grade school and middle school have your name on them.”

She continued, “I’m so proud of your and going to your guys’ concerts recently as adults, I feel so proud of the three of you, and I’m so happy for your lives and your creative endeavours and your families, and I love you.”

Nick then told Richardson to bring another tie next time she comes to a show, and he promised it’ll get to him this time.