Ever since Kim Cattrall attended the season three world premiere of “Emily in Paris” in the city of Light earlier this month, fans have been begging series creator, Darren Star, to include the “Sex and the City” alum in a future cameo.

Star, who is also the creator of “Sex and the City”, which Cattrall famously starred on as Samantha Jones, said he “would love” to have the actress appear on “Emily in Paris”.

“For me, it’s never about stunt casting per se,” Star told People during the show’s season three premiere in New York City on Thursday. “It’s about finding the right role for the right person. And I would love to work with Kim and it’s just about finding a role that’s worthy of Kim.”

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“If it works out for this, it’ll be fun. So let’s see what happens,” he added.

The TV writer’s comments come after he told Variety at the Dec. 6 Paris premiere that “it’s a wonderful idea” to potentially feature Cattrall, 66, on “Emily in Paris” but “not at the moment.” That is, of course, because season three of the hit Netflix series has already wrapped filming and is just days away from premiering on the streamer. Perhaps Cattrall may be featured in the show’s already-confirmed fourth season.

Speaking of the future of “Emily in Paris”, Star told People that he hopes the show will go on past that.

“If they want us back, we’re coming back,” he shared. “I hope we get to keep doing it because we’re having a great time doing it.”

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As for the upcoming third season, Star teased that the new episodes will dive deeper into each characters’ journey.

“I think when you have a great ensemble like this, you have a lot more story to tell,” he told the outlet. “I see so much more story to tell, so many more possibilities.”

“Emily in Paris” season three premieres Wednesday, December 21 on Netflix.