Christine Brown is opening up about her fractured relationship with her former sister wife, Meri Brown. In part one of the “Sister Wives One-on-One” special, the two women separately sit down with host Sukanya Krishnan to discuss not only their failed marriages to Kody Brown, but also their personal struggles as friends.

“I felt very betrayed by her and that she was leaving me too because she’s always said, ‘I didn’t just want the man. I want the sister wives,'” Meri says of her reaction to Christine’s news that she was breaking up with Kody and leaving the family. “I know what kind of relationship she and I have had in the past. It’s been fun. It’s not been super, super deep, but it’s been a lot of fun. And I’ve missed that for a lot of years with her.”

Christine responds to that statement, saying she “ended the friendship” with Meri years ago.

“I ended the relationship. I did. I ended it. It wasn’t safe for me anymore and I ended it,” Christine notes. “I just told her straight up, ‘No, we’re not going to be friends because I don’t trust you. And I’m not going to do that to myself anymore.'”

Christine Brown – Photo: TLC
Christine Brown – Photo: TLC — Photo: TLC

Noting that they tried to mend fences while the family was living in Las Vegas, Christine says it ultimately didn’t work due to Meri’s “treatment” of her.

“She wouldn’t be nice to me. She was putting me down a lot in public situations, especially if her family was there,” Christine recalls. “She would just put me down. And you can put me down as much as you want after a while, but then when I hit my wall, I’m done. Sure, she would be nice for a while and then she would just come out again. I never knew who to expect and it was just too stressful.”

Meri claims not to know what she’s done to deserve this response from Christine, saying, “I don’t know, exactly, what the deal is. I have not always been the perfect person or the perfect wife or the perfect sister wife. It kind of comes down to we’re not safe with each other. And I don’t think it was one thing.”

Meri Brown – Photo: TLC
Meri Brown – Photo: TLC

The topic of Kody’s desire to potentially reconcile with Meri also came up in the reunion. He claims that after she gave him a gift of Rice Krispie treats — one for each year of their marriage — he considered reconciling with her, only to have the idea shut down by Christine. Meri says she was never aware of this desire, and Christine vehemently denies that ever happened in the trailer for the next part of the special.

“There’s no way I would not support him and Meri having a great relationship,” Christine says. “I would never do that.”

The “Sister Wives One-on-One” special will air part 2 on Jan. 1 and part 3 on Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.


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