“That ’90s Show” is drawing the attention of an unexpected group.

After Netflix released the trailer for the spin-off show of “That ’70s Show”, fans of “Warrior Nun” took to the comments to rally behind the show.

The devoted fans began trending #SaveWarriorNun in an attempt to gather support for a renewal.

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“We would also like to welcome someone back #SaveWarriorNun ✌🏼,” wrote one fan.

“Warrior Nun” followed the story of a 19-year-old orphan Ava Silva who discovered she had superpowers. She was then recruited to a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns called The Order of the Cruciform Sword in a holy war against demons.

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Netflix announced in December they were cancelling the show after two seasons.

Why fans chose to petition Netflix to reverse the decision in the comments of the trailer for “That ’90s Show” is unclear.