A clip of Meghan Markle curtsying has been doing the rounds online after that Netflix documentary backlash.

In footage filmed for “Suits” back in 2010, Meghan can be seen doing a small curtsy to attorney Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) while in character as Rachel Zane.

Instagram user @emiliehrh shared the clip online, slamming Meghan for previously pretending like she didn’t know what a curtsy was.

Some comments made by the Duchess of Sussex sparked an online frenzy after her and Prince Harry’s “Harry & Meghan” documentary was released earlier this month.

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Meghan recalled, “We were in the car, driving and he’s like: ‘You know how to curtsy right?’ and I just thought it was a joke.”

She then reenacted the curtsy, but some criticized her for putting on a dramatic display and being “disrespectful” to the late Queen.

Meghan previously told Oprah Winfrey that she didn’t know how to curtsy, as well.

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Numerous claims were made against the royals in Harry and Meghan’s much-talked about doc.

In the final and last three “Harry & Meghan” episodes that were released on Dec. 15, Harry claimed “it was terrifying” when his brother allegedly screamed and shouted at him during the “Sandringham Summit” meeting with Charles and the Queen regarding his and Meghan’s royal exit.

The Duke of Sussex also suggested the brothers previously had an agreement regarding press briefings and that it “was heartbreaking” that William had gone against that.