Humour is helping Christina Applegate get through her health issues.

This week, the “Dead to Me” star is on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, and talks to the host about how she’s used humous to help get through disabilities caused by her MS diagnosis.

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“My humour shield keeps me okay. But of course, down on the insides, you feel the things,” she explains. “I do it to kind of deflect, and then also to make people not be scared to be around me. When people see me now as a disabled person, I want them to feel comfortable that we can laugh about it.”

She then reveals, “I have a song that I wrote,” before singing it for Clarkson.

“Disaby baby, hurry down the chimney tonight,” she sang to the tune of “Santa Baby”. “I can’t, cause the wheelchair won’t fit down it.”

Applegate continued, “To be honest, being diagnosed with MS last year, and what had happened to my body, to my mind, to my spirit, to my everything, of course I didn’t want to be around anyone, or talk about it.”

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She added of her Netflix series, “But I had to go to work. I was not forced to go to work, but I made sure that we finished the show. We had to finish the show … there’s a story that we needed to finish. And I pushed as hard as I could through that.”

The actress went on, “It was really incredibly difficult, and then I went to sleep for a few months, and then all of a sudden I have to come out again and be this person that, you know, people had seen me as this other person for the last almost 40 years, and I’m different now. And it’s incredibly hard.”