Royal photographer Arthur Edwards is hoping to see Prince William and Prince Harry reconcile, but admits that right now, he can’t see it happening.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who stepped down from the royals in March 2020 before moving to start a new life in California, have had everybody talking since releasing their bombshell Netflix documentary earlier this month.

The doc saw Harry make numerous claims about the royals, as well as speaking out about his relationship with his brother William.

Edwards, who has worked as a royal photographer for The Sun since 1975 and has a new book titled Behind the Crown: My Life Photographing the Royal Family, tells Fox News Digital that the brothers used to be “inseparable.”

The photographer, who has covered more than 200 royal tours in more than 120 countries, as well as seven royal weddings, seven births and four funerals, recalls of Harry and Meghan: “I went everywhere with them. They were just sensational. They were like rock stars. The kids were crazy for them. Meghan was brilliant.

“She was doing selfies with them, signing autographs, posing – she was just having a fabulous time with the people. … They went everywhere and people loved them. But then towards the end, when she became pregnant [with her firstborn, Archie], it changed. It was less fun. And then the last [royal] tour, it was just miserable. [Harry] completely changed. He cut himself off from the media. … One day he just stopped talking to us. He just cut us all dead.”

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Edwards adds of William and Harry, “The brothers were so close. They did everything together. They were absolutely inseparable. I remember Harry making a speech when he was about 25, 26, saying his main role in life was to support William because he knew that William was going to be the king one day.

“He would need Harry to support him. … When [Kate Middleton] came along, the three of them worked tirelessly for their mental health charity. At the same time, Harry was doing his own charitable work. There’s a bitterness now that wasn’t there before. I remember watching them play football together, ride horses together – they were always together. At the moment, I can’t see them reconciling, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

Edwards goes on to say of Meghan, who has been open about the effects that the constant criticism she’s received has had on her mental health: “I just remember her being fantastic during those first 18 months.

“I mean, albeit, she is an actress, but I thought she was just gifted. They were superstars. … This schism between the two brothers is very strong. They’re both a little hotheaded. Brothers do scream at each other, but you don’t normally go out and share it with the rest of the world. You just get over it, you apologize, you go down to the pub and sort it out. But this one’s going to take a lot of sorting out, I’m afraid.”

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He tells the publication that Harry used to have a good relationship with the British press.

Edwards explains, “At the end of [our trip to Colorado Springs], Harry said, ‘All meet in the pub tonight, 6 o’clock.’

“And we all met at the pub. He turned up, and we had an hour and a half of exchanging ideas, exchanging viewpoints … but there was a lot of laughter as well. And at the end of it all, Harry picked up the tab. We did that there, we did that in Australia, we did that in Jamaica, we did that everywhere we went with him.

“With Meghan, it all stopped overnight. And I feel sad about that because Harry had a great relationship with the media. He’s a gifted young man who was so engaging with people. He could get things off his chest, and you didn’t take offense. You could do the same, and he wouldn’t take offense. … When I look at him now, he just seems so unhappy.”

In the final “Harry & Meghan” episodes that were released on Dec.15, Harry claimed “it was terrifying” when William allegedly screamed and shouted at him during the “Sandringham Summit” meeting with Charles and the Queen regarding his and Meghan’s royal exit.

The Duke of Sussex also suggested the brothers previously had an agreement regarding press briefings and that it “was heartbreaking” that William had gone against that.

Tensions had already been running high within the royals after Harry and Meghan’s tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview that aired in March 2021.

Harry is also set to release his memoir Spare on Jan. 10.