Kate Hudson made sure she looked good for “Glass Onion”

In an interview on “This Morning”, the star of the new “Knives Out” sequel shared how she stayed in tip-top shape during the shoot for her big bikini scene.

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“When everybody was having Aperol spritz, I was waiting for that scene to be shot,” she recalled. “So, I was like ‘I’ll just have that cucumber.'”

In the scene, Hudson stuns everyone by walking out by the pool wearing an orange bikini, with matching hat and frills.

The actress also talked about how she got involved in the film.

“When we found out they were doing a second one, I was like gonna barrel Rian Johnson’s door down, I was like, ‘I want in,'” Hudson said.

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“We were really locked down together because of COVID,” she went on, recalling shooting during the pandemic. “It was right at the peak of Delta so we couldn’t go anywhere.”

Hudson added, “We’d rent out a bar, do murder mysteries and then have parties. That’s how we kept entertained.”