This certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

Drake-penned lyrics from 2002 found in a dumpster outside his family’s furniture factory where the rapper used to work as a teenager, are now being auctioned for a shiny price of $20,000.

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Drake fans with the extra cash to spend can own some of his earliest work through the Moments In Time auction, which will offer the notepad of lyrics to the highest bidder in the coming weeks.

The vintage lyrics include work from a song titled “Come Spring”, which appears to be the beginning of the hit that later became “Come Winter” from Drake’s debut mixtape “Room for Improvement”.

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Two pieces of written work have already been sold to buyers at an undisclosed price. A note he wrote to his mother, Sandi Graham, while in high school is also being auctioned for $7,500.

The entertainer has had a busy year; in November, he dropped “Her Loss”, a studio album on which he collaborated with Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage. It subsequently blew up on streaming platforms and received more than one billion streams on Spotify.