Donnie Wahlberg announced on Monday night’s The Arsenio Hall Show that he and his family, which includes Mark Wahlberg, will star in their own reality show.

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The A&E show is to premiere on Jan. 22, 2014, and will revolve around the family’s restaurant Wahlburgers, located just outside Boston. Donnie and Mark are part owners of the establishment, while their brother Paul runs it and their mom works there. “My brother Mark and I, my mom and my brother Paul will all be on the show. It’s incredible. It’s gonna be a lot of fun,”; Donnie shared with Arsenio.

The reality show, like the restaurant, will also be called Wahlburgers. “They called us that as kids. They used to tease me. They’d say, “Hey Wahlburger.’ [That is] if they weren’t calling me junior jailbird ’cause my older brothers being inmates all the time,”; Donnie, 44, joked.

This isn’t the New Kids On the Block singer’s first brush with reality TV. He also has his hands inBoston’s Finest which centers around the men and women of the Boston Police Department.

Will you watch a reality show about the Wahlbergs?

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