Kim Kardashian is shutting down rumours that her recent post, featuring mom Kris Jenner and sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner, was photoshopped.

On Wednesday, the SKIMS mogul took to Instagram to share footage from her family’s annual Christmas party, including a live behind-the-scenes video of the photograph being taken.

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The clip sees Kim and her sisters posing next to their mom in beautiful, festive dresses while camera lights flash as the perfect-looking photo is captured.

Photo: Instagram/ KimKardashian
Photo: Instagram/ KimKardashian

When Kim initially shared the snapshot to her Instagram page earlier this week, many thought it was too good to be true, pointing out how brightly lit the family appeared and that their faces and defined jawlines looked edited.

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The live action video that Kim shared seems to put an end to any speculation that the family members were individually photoshopped into the image.

The reality star’s Stories also included images of the red-themed holiday decor from the lavish event, a video of Sia performing inside of a giant gift box and more snapshots with friends and family.