Lily Collins is proud of the comparisons “Emily in Paris” is drawing.

The actress responded positively when asked by E! Online about the comparisons to another famous show “Sex and the City”.

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“That is one that I will always take with utter love,” Collins said. “I just love Carrie Bradshaw. I love Sarah Jessica.”

Like the Netflix show, “Sex in the City’ also starred a fashionable influencer exploring romance and life in a city known for glamour. It also shares a famous alumni between both shows in Darren Criss.

“We both are very much fashion shows and they celebrate the cities in which they film, Paris and New York,” Collins continued. “They’re characters unto themselves, the fashion and the city.”

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Emmy-winning costume designer Patricia Field also worked on both shows, co-designing costumes in season 1 of “Emily in Paris”, consulting in season 2, and famously working as head costume designer for all six seasons of “Sex and the City”.