Robbie Williams is grieving the loss of his potential romance with Kylie Minogue.

The English pop star, 44, revealed that the Australian songstress, 54, was his “biggest crush” but that he “messed up” any chances of a relationship flourishing between them.

Radio 2 host Scott Miles recently asked Williams on the show “My Life Thru A Lens” if a relationship ever happened between him and Kylie. “You and Kylie? What was going on there?”

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Williams responded with a bit of defeat in his voice. “Not as much as I wanted to be, unfortunately.”

The “Millennium” singer explained how he reverted to his prepubescent, awkward self whenever around the pop princess. “I messed that up by being 13 whenever I was around her. It was like the girl from the year above me. ‘I don’t know how to speak to you!’ But she’s my crush, my crush of all crushes.”

William’s crush on the starlet was at an all-time high when the two collaborated on the duet on Minogue’s 2000 hit single “Kids”, however he claims he burned all chances of dating her by making fun of her when she stripped off for the video.

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When asked if he ever had a relationship with Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman, he hilariously responded with a Bill Clinton reference. “As Bill Clinton would say, I never had any relationship with any of these women.”

The former Take That singer is now married to Ayda Fields, and the couple share four kids: Teddy, 9; Charlie, 7; Coco, 3 and 2-year-old Beau.