Rian Johnson is clearing the air on “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”.

The film features a tech genius character who is unsurprisingly drawing comparisons to Elon Musk as he dominates headlines in the midst of his Twitter takeover, but it’s all a matter of unfortunate timing according to the director.

“It’s so weird. It’s very bizarre,” Johnson told Wired. “I hope there isn’t some secret marketing department at Netflix that’s funding this Twitter takeover.”

He clarified that the character was not intended to be a parody of any person in specific, but more of a pastiche of tech industry stereotypes.

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“There’s a lot of general stuff about that sort of species of tech billionaire that went directly into [the movie]. But obviously, it has almost a weird relevance in exactly the current moment. A friend of mine said, ‘Man, that feels like it was written this afternoon.’ And that’s just sort of a horrible, horrible accident, you know?” he added.

The movie has recently come under fire from Musk supporters who believe it’s lampooning the Twitter CEO directly.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro led the charge as he took aim at Johnson in a Twitter thread.

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“[Johnson’s] take on the universe is that Elon Musk is a bad and stupid man, and that anyone who likes him – in media, politics, or tech – is being paid off by him,” Shapiro wrote. “This is an incredibly stupid theory, since Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in human history (how many rockets has Johnson launched lately?), and it’s a foolish conspiracy theory to boot.”

“Glass Onion” is now streaming on Netflix.