Celine Dion failed to make Rolling Stone’s “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time” list and fans are not happy.

The much-talked about piece included stars such as BTS’ Jung Kook at number 191, Kelly Clarkson at 194 and Michael Jackson in the 86 spot.

Adele was in at No. 22, and Beyoncé came in at number eight, but Dion could not be seen anywhere.

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Aretha Franklin nabbed the top spot, ahead of Whitney Houston and Sam Cooke in second and third places.

Yvette Nicole Brown was among those commenting on the list, posting:

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The list controversy comes after Dion revealed she’d been left with no choice but to cancel her upcoming European tour dates after being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder known as stiff-person syndrome (SPS).

Dion apologized for taking so long to reach out to fans regarding the diagnosis, saying in a video posted last month: “As you know I have always been an open book, and I wasn’t ready to say everything before, but I am ready now.

“I have been dealing with problems with my health for a long time, and it’s been really difficult for me to face these challenges and talk about everything I have been going through.”

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She said the condition was “very rare” and only affects about one in a million people.

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