The Césars, which are the French equivalent of the Oscars, is taking a stand against sexual violence.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the show is banning anyone indicted for, or convicted of, a criminal sexual offense, from attending the 2023 ceremony.

Actors, directors, producers or other artists who have been charged or convicted of sex crimes are still eligible for awards, but will not be allowed to take the stand at the show. Additionally, if they do win, “no one will be allowed to speak on their behalf.”

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The move comes after The César Academy has been the target of criticism for its lackadaisical approach towards filmmakers accused of sex crimes. Actor Sofiane Bennacer, who stars in Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi’s “Forever Young”, was initially shortlisted for the best newcomer award. They were eventually removed after their multiple charges of rape and violence came to light.

Dominique Boutonnat, the president of the National Film Board (CNC), was reelected for a second term despite being on trial for sexual assault charges.

Director Roman Polanski won Best Director for “An Officer and a Spy” at the 2020 Césars which triggered walkouts and protests.

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The Césars made the announcement on Monday that out of “respect for the victims (even alleged ones)”, accused and convicted perpetrators would be barred from the ceremony.

The 2023 Césars will be held on Feb. 24.