Ryan Seacrest and Andy Cohen hosted their respective New Year’s Eve specials from Times Square in New York City.

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​Seacrest claimed that Cohen ignored him during New Year’s Eve. Now, in response to Seacrest’s claims that he snubbed “The Real Housewives” producer, Cohen called Anderson Cooper live on air during his “SiriusXM programme Andy Cohen Live” to clarify.

“My point is that what the point I was just making on the show was usually if one of us sees Ryan and turns around and waves, we’ll say to the other, ‘Oh, there’s Seacrest.’ So, I’m saying, you didn’t say that to me this year,” Cohen said.


On a recent episode of “Live With Ryan and Kelly”, Seacrest told Kelly Ripa: “It was funny because my big stage was right in front of Anderson [Cooper] and Andy. When I was not working, I was trying to get their attention.”

Throughout their broadcast on NYE, Cohen couldn’t help but poke fun at Seacrest’s competing show.