Hollywood loves a comeback, and Brendan Fraser has been riding the crest of a wave of success thanks to Oscar buzz generated by his performance in “The Whale”.

The actor recently sat down with Deadline‘s Pete Hammond to discuss his sudden resurgence of fame, admitting it still hasn’t translated into a hefty Hollywood paycheque.

Asked by Hammond about rumours he’ll be in a new sequel to The Mummy, Fraser admitted he had no idea — but wasn’t averse to it.

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“Gosh, I don’t know any juicy details about it,” Fraser responded.

“But it’s kind of been an open-ended question for some time now,” he added. “I’m not opposed to it — hey, I don’t know an actor who doesn’t want a job. I don’t think I’ve been this famous and unsalaried at the same time in my professional life, so sign me up!”

During the conversation, Fraser also opened up about the experience of working with Martin Scorsese on the upcoming “Killers of the Flower Moon”.

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“That was gratifying to work with a masterful filmmaker,” he said of Scorsese. “The experience of it felt like being what I imagined it would be like in a Renaissance artist’s studio, with all the apprentices bringing him all the tools of filmmaking. And he just gives them tasks and they whisk away and they make something incredible.”