Prince William and Meghan Markle were said to have had a heated exchange ahead of her and Prince Harry’s May 2018 wedding.

According to Harry’s tell-all new memoir Spare, Meghan told Kate that she must have “baby brain because of her hormones,” which William didn’t like, according to the Daily Mail.

The then-Duke of Cambridge was said to have called Meghan “rude” to her face and “pointed a finger at her,” telling her: “These things are not done here.”

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Meghan shot back: “If you don’t mind, keep your finger out of my face.”

Harry wrote in his book, “Meg said that she had never intentionally done anything to offend Kate and that if she had, she begged her to let her know so she could avoid a reoccurrence.”

Harry insisted Meghan had apologized and said that’s how she speaks to her friends.

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A source told the Mail, “In the book Harry says that there was a discussion about the timing of the wedding rehearsal and the flower girl dresses and Kate was very upset.

“Meghan said that Kate must have ‘baby brain’ because of her hormones.

“It caused a huge row because Meghan was told that she wasn’t close enough to her sister-in-law to discuss her hormones and it wasn’t the way people spoke to each other within the Royal Family.”

“The book makes clear that Meghan felt the fall-out wasn’t her fault, but it doesn’t exactly make her look very good either.”

Elsewhere in the book, Harry accused William and Kate of encouraging him to wear that Nazi fancy dress party costume which sparked a scandal back in 2005.

He also claimed William physically attacked him in 2019, among numerous other revelations about the royals.