Lisa Hochstein is taking her estranged husband to task on social media.

The “Real Housewives of Miami” star shared a screenshot of an article reporting Lenny Hochstein’s Instagram comments on their relationship to her Instagram Stories.

The headline reads, “Lenny Hochstein says Lisa treat him like her ‘servant’, stayed out partying while he was home”. In the original post from Lenny, he alleged that she “refused” to help him with small tasks and that she “yelled” at him “weekly if not daily”.

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Responding to the comments, she wrote in a caption on the image, “Lenny please stop embarrassing yourself. We have kids”.

The two share 7-year-old Logan, and 3-year-old Elle together.

The rebuttal comes after Lisa’s own comments about their relationship, in which she alleged her treated her “horribly”.

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“I could never go back,” she declared in an interview with People. “He’s done so many horrible things to me — too much has been said and too much has been done — that any chance of a reconciling is gone in my mind. I have no hopes of getting back together. That ship has sailed.”

The two are currently in the process of finalizing their divorce, after filing in May.