Jordan Peele “very creepily” bought Corey Feldman’s prosthetic ear.

The “Nope” director recently appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, where he discussed his self-admittedly “creepy” purchase as well as the blossoming friendship between the two Hollywood heavyweights.

“I have a new friendship with Corey Feldman, very proud of this,” Peele told Meyers. “He invited me and my producer to his house. We went to his house which was awesome. It has some memorabilia and stuff.”

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Peele and Feldman have grown closer ahead of the upcoming release of the director’s “The Lost Rider: A Chronicle of Hollywood Sacrifice” film series. The film series features numerous movies the director curated, aiming to explain the context behind his film “Nope.” Several of the movies featured in the series are Feldman’s, such as “Stand By Me.”

Later in the interview, the critically acclaimed director explained how he got his hands on Feldman’s ear.

“I’m happy to consider him a friend,” Peele said. “There was a whole thing where he was auctioning the ear that he wore as Teddy in “Stand By Me, and I guess I very creepily bought it.”

Admitting the purchase out loud drew laughter from the audience.

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“In saying it out loud, I realize how creepy it was. That’s not the thing you should share.”

All in all, Feldman was just happy that his friend Peele was the one who bought the ear instead of somebody else.

“At the end of this thing, I mentioned it to him and he’s like, ‘Wait, you got the ear?'” Peele recalled. “I was like ‘Yeah’ and he was like, ‘Man I’m so glad it was you.'”