There have been numerous examples in which “The Simpsons” seemingly predicted the future through gags on the show, ranging from Disney’s acquisition of Fox to Donald Trump being elected president.

In addition to those predictions, one longstanding conspiracy theory claims that “The Simpsons” had advance knowledge of the 9/11 terror attacks.

That particular fringe belief comes from a 1997 episode in which Homer takes the family to New York City, at one point brandishing an advertisement for a $9 NYC bus tour, with the Twin Towers seen in the skyline in the background in a manner that seemingly spells out “911.”

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Now, one of the show’s producers is coming forward to explain the “unfortunate” truth behind the conspiracy theory.

“I can tell you the unfortunate 9/11 one was strictly because 9 dollars seemed like the funniest low bus fare and we wanted the World Trade Center buildings in the ad because that’s where the story took place,” tweeted “Simpsons” scribe Josh Weinstein, who served as consulting producer during that season.

“Totally, totally a coincidence,” he continued, adding, “The Fox/Disney one seems prescient!”

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