Eva Amurri is opening up about being a child of celebrities.

In a new TikTok video, the actress and lifestyle entrepreneur, and daughter of Susan Sarandon and director Franco Amurri, answered a fan question about whether she grew up with other stars’ kids.

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“Yes, I did grow up with a lot of other kids of celebrities because anytime my parents would do a movie or a TV show or anything like that, there would be, of course, the other kids of those other actors and directors who would all be together,” she recalled in the video, while applying makeup.

“People who grew up in the industry sometimes liken the experience to growing up in the circus, in the sense that you spend these really surreal periods of time really closely intertwined with other people, whether that’s other people’s families or individuals, she continued. “You’re just spending all this quality time with a certain group and you become so, so close. Almost like family.”

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Amurri went on, “And then, one of the things that’s really disorienting about the acting world is that then, when the project is done, a lot of the time everyone goes their separate ways and you kind of just disappear back into real life. And it can be really sad sometimes.”

She also laughed at the thought of “nepo babies”, saying, “It’s always kind of a unique experience to grow up that way, so I think there is a certain common thread that you feel with other people who grow up in this strange world.”