Back in June 2022, fans of “Inside Job” were thrilled when Netflix announced it was ordering more episodes of the adult-oriented animated comedy created by “Gravity Falls”/”Regular Show” writer Shion Takeuchi.

The series follows the exploits of Reagan Ridley and her cohorts at Cognito Inc., the deep-state, top-secret organization that operates as a shadow government, responsible for all the world’s conspiracy theories.

Fast-forward to January 2023, with those same fans shocked and angered by Netflix’s subsequent announcement that it was axing plans for a second season, and was instead cancelling the show.

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Takeuchi confirmed the news via Twitter, issuing a statement to declare being “heartbroken” over the streamer’s decision to cancel the show.

“Over the years, these characters have become real people to me, and I am devastated not to be able to watch them grow up,” Takeuchi wrote.

The news is not going over well with “Inside Job” fans, judging by this sampling of Twitter response.

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