Prince Harry has revealed whether he and wife Meghan Markle would ever think about returning to the U.K. and becoming working royals again.

The Duke of Sussex, who has been promoting his new memoir Spare, sat down with Michael Strahan for “Good Morning America”, sharing: “Even if there was an agreement or an arrangement between me and my family, there is that third party that is going to do everything they can to make sure that that isn’t possible.

“Not stopping us from necessarily going back, but making it unsurvivable, and that’s really sad because that is essentially breaking the relationship between us.”

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He added, “If there was something in the future where we can continue to support the Commonwealth, then that’s of course on the table, but there’s so much that needs to happen between now and then, and so much that can happen.”

Harry and Meghan stepped back as senior royals in March 2020, before relocating to California, where they currently live.

Elsewhere in the interview, Harry spoke about a possible reconciliation with William and Charles, telling Strahan: “If we can get to the point of reconciliation, that will have a ripple effect across the world.

“I genuinely believe that, and that’s kind of what is pushing me. And if that doesn’t happen, then that’s very sad.”

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He blamed the British press for continuing to “drive a wedge” between him and William, but insisted, “I hope that we will be joined at the hip again.

“Because, you know, if there’s something that will terrify the British press more than anything, it’s William and I being aligned.”

Harry also said, “What people don’t know is the efforts that I’ve gone to [in order] to resolve this privately, both with my brother and with my father.”

The comments came the day after his interview with Anderson Cooper for “60 Minutes” aired.

In the tell-all chat, Cooper asked, “Why not renounce your titles as Duke and Duchess?” to which Harry insisted, “And what difference would that make?” according to the Daily Mail.