Erin Cebula’s ‘Jackhammer’ Set Visit With Pam Anderson

When I was contacted about a visit to the Vancouver Island set of the film Jackhammer, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was skeptical. But the smooth talking producer assured me his goofy, spoof centred around a flamboyant, male stripper was not only legit, but going to be a hit.  And let’s face it, with a provocative title like that… I had to dig a little deeper. (pun intended)

Erin Cebula pictured with (L-R) Mckinley Hlady, Mike Hanus and cameraman Ted Cannem on the set of “Jackhammer”. Photo: Jesse Hlady

Turns out, this little indie that could is a true Canadian success story. It’s the brainchild of producer, writer, director and star Mike Hanus; a Victoria-based actor and real estate agent who financed the project himself. Before the film was complete, Telefilm got wind of Mike’s quirky, little flick and “showed them the money.”;  And in the film world, more moolah means more star power.

Without missing a beat, Mike and his partner McKinley Hlady (aka: smooth talking producer) began assembling their dream team.  It started with Rob Wells of the Trailer Park Boys; then came MADtv’s Nicole Sullivan and Jamie Kennedy. And last, but not least… Pamela Anderson.  That’s where I come in.

Other than her work with PETA, Pam has been relatively low key of late so getting an opportunity to speak with the island girl on her home turf is quite the coup. Unfortunately, Pam was only scheduled to be on set for one day and securing time for an interview between takes was a challenge for everyone involved.

Luckily for us, the Jackhammer crew was just as determined as we were to make this sit down happen and as soon as Pam was done her cameo as a “Peeler Groupie,”; she came to us.

My first thought was – wow, this woman looks good. Baywatch may have wrapped 10 years ago, but Pam could definitely still rock that red one-piece. I commented on her glow and she attributed it to fresh island air and family time.

Pam also revealed she’s planning to spend much more time in her native land; prepping for her stage debut and looking forward to working with the tight-knit “Jackhammer”; crew again in the future.  Guess that smooth talking producer wooed her too!

Watch my interview with Pam on below!




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