Brad Pitt remembers his first sex scene well.

The actor was chatting to W Magazine for its first issue of 2023, “Volume 1, Best Performances”, when he was asked what his first love scene was.

Pitt responded, “It would have been in the show ‘Dallas’. I had to roll around in the hay in a barn. I don’t think I had a line. I was just rolling and frolicking.”

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The star featured in four episodes of the TV series as Randy, the boyfriend of Shalane McCall’s character Charlie Wade, from 1987-1988.

Pitt then said of that famous scene in “Thelma & Louise”, in which he starred as J.D., “Yeah, that was my entry into the big leagues, I guess. Geena [Davis] was so sweet and kind and delicate. That love scene, I think, went on for two days of shooting. She took care of me.”

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He added of whether he knew how much of an impact the 1991 film would have after reading the script, “I just thought, ‘I’m the guy for this.’ But they went through a couple of other actors.

“I didn’t get the part at first, and then it came back around and I didn’t get it again, and I went, ‘Huh. All right. Moving on.’ And then it came back around again. I feel like it was three times.”