Victoria Beckham is helping her daughter-in-law celebrate turning 28.

The fashion mogul shared a sweet message for Nicola Peltz on Instagram on Monday.

She captioned the post, “Happy Birthday @NicolaAnnePeltzBeckham 💗 Hope you have a lovely day!!! X”.

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A photo of the model sharing a meal and a smile with Peltz accompanied the post.

The newlywed appreciated the sentiment, as she wrote in the comments, “Thank you so much! 💖💖💖”

The warm exchange comes after rumours of a feud between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law emerged in the aftermath of Peltz’s April wedding to Brooklyn.

Peltz dispelled the rumours she intentionally didn’t wear a wedding dress from Beckham’s clothing line, calling it a matter of timing.

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“I was going to and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress,” Peltz revealed. “She didn’t say you can’t wear it; I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s where it started, and then they ran with that.”