Chris Hemsworth clearly doesn’t know who Logan Lerman is.

On Monday night, Lerman was on “The Tonight Show” with his “Hunters” co-star Al Pacino, and he shared the story of how at the gym the “Thor” actor mistook him for his stuntman.

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“We’re filming out there and [Hunters] is an action show, so you have to continue working out and things like that, so I’d always go to the gym and I’d be stuck just me and Chris Hemsworth,” the actor recalled. “And there’s nothing more emasculating than working out next to Chris Hemsworth.”

He continued, “We’re down there often and we start talking. And for some reason, he thought I was a stunt guy on his movie.”

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Asked whether Hemsworth, who was shooting the upcoming “Extraction 2” at the time, ever realized he wasn’t a stunt performer, Lerman said no.

“I never told him that I wasn’t,” he said. “I just pretended like I was this stunt guy on his film showing up everyday. I’m like, ‘Work was crazy yesterday in the prison set. Yeah, for sure. Definitely. I know what you mean.'”

Lerman laughed, “He probably doesn’t know who I am. He has no idea.”