Blake Lively has some fierce competition.

Her husband, Ryan Reynolds, planted a big smooch on the cheek of NHL legend Henrik Lundqvist while attending the New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night.

The dream duo also linked up with fellow actor Alexander Skarsgard, who also snagged his opportunity to kiss the former goaltender.

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Lundqvist deserves all the love as he’s one of just 11 players to have their jersey number retired, and holds the record for most wins by a European-born goaltender in the NHL.

As the jumbotron showcased the famous squad, Reynolds took his golden opportunity to show the world his respect and admiration for the NHL icon as Skarsgard hilariously pretended to nap on Lundqvist’s shoulder.

The “Deadpool” star was merely following the footsteps of Skarsgard, who had already planted a big one on Lundqvist earlier in the game, which earned applause and laughter from fans.

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Lundqvist is an icon in the Big Apple as he played his whole career with the Rangers from 2000 to 2020.

The Swedish-born player explained to People last year just how important Madison Square Garden is to his history.

“I think throughout my entire career, that place made me feel so many things, but most of all, it, I felt alive being at MSG. Feeling the pressure and so much adrenaline and also a proud feeling to be in there and represent the Rangers.”