Prince Harry appeared on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to discuss his new book SPARE.

During the episode, Prince Harry flaunted the necklace he alleges his brother Prince William damaged after a violent dispute. According to the Duke of Sussex, the now Prince of Wales broke his necklace in a “physical fight” in 2019.

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“There is a lot of talk about the physical fight that the two of you had, where he pushed you down in the kitchen and broke the dog bowl when you fell on it,” Colbert said, before asking, “It says he broke your necklace. Which necklace was this that he broke?”

“This one, which is now fixed,” Harry replied, displaying a set of three charms on a black rope around his neck.


“I’ve got my kid’s heartbeats, which my wife gave me,” Harry described a set of silver necklaces bearing the cardiograms of his children, Archie and Lilibet.

“And I friend of mine in Botswana made this for me, which has got tiger’s eye on it,” he described a third circular charm with a golden gemstone that is meant to protect the wearer and foster inner strength and self-assurance.

Over the years, Harry has been seen wearing the necklace several times in photos. The necklace in question was previously thought to have been a gift from his ex-girlfriend Chelsey Davy, who he dated from 2004 until 2010.

It seems that Harry’s wife Meghan Markle is also fond of gemstones. The duchess has been spotted sporting diamond constellation necklaces for Archie and Lili as well as gold zodiac chains with Virgo and Taurus pendants in tribute to Harry and Archie, respectively.

In the book, Harry recalled the dispute and how it seemed “different” from their prior arguments. He disclosed to his therapist that his brother had “knocked me to the floor,” ripped his shirt, and broke his necklace.