Jennifer Coolidge fans are rallying behind the actress after her amazing speech.

The actress took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her work in “The White Lotus” and delighted fans with a hilarious profanity-riddled speech. Fans were so taken with her charm and easy wit, that they began campaigning for Coolidge to be the next host of the Oscars.

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“Give Jennifer Coolidge the hosting job for Oscars, NOW,” wrote one fan.

Others joined the rallying cry, adding, “ok now can we get jennifer coolidge to host the oscar’s or something”.

Another fan took it a step further, stating no awards show would ever feel complete again without the star’s charismatic presence.

“Someone should invite Jennifer Coolidge to the Oscars, because now I honestly don’t feel like I’ve watched an awards show unless she’s there,” they wrote.

The Academy Awards were last hosted by comedians Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes in 2022. While Coolidge has never hosted any of the big awards shows, she doesn’t seem too keen on it either.

Reacting to the Twitter campaign in an interview with Extra TV, she said it seemed like “way too much work”.

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“What would it be like, you think? Hosting an awards show? I think there would be way too much work. I think it’s more fun if you just come out for a little bit,” Coolidge explained. “I think it’s hard to do the hosting thing because you want to say things that are much naughtier and more perverse, and you wanna say those things that might be offensive to somebody. Now, you can be really in trouble for it.”

While it seems like she’s not terribly interested in the job, the host for the 2023 Academy Awards has yet to be announced.