Julianne Moore says someone in the film industry once made an inappropriate comment about her looks in a new interview with The Times.

The actress recalls, “Someone in the film industry said to me, ‘You should try to look prettier.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can.’ Obviously, ours is a business where there is some physicality involved, but beauty and prettiness are subjective,” People reports.

Moore tells the paper how growing up, her red hair made her feel like an “outsider.”

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The star continues, “Redheads are 2% of the global population. Nobody wants to feel like they’re in the minority, particularly as a young child.”

She adds, “Now, I feel very identified with my hair and freckles, but there’s still a part of me that would rather be a tanned blonde.”

Moore goes on to say that she “can’t be in the sun for half an hour without burning,” so she’s learned over the years to “always had to wear a hat and sunscreen.”

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“That has made the biggest difference to me in terms of maintaining my skin. But people do not want to hear that,” she explains.

Focusing on beauty from within is something that Moore has spoken about in the past, with her previously calling the term “aging gracefully” “totally sexist.”

Moore told As If magazine in 2021, “There’s so much judgment inherent in the term ‘aging gracefully.’ Is there an ungraceful way to age? We don’t have an option of course. No one has an option about aging, so it’s not a positive or a negative thing, it just is.”

She added of the aging process, “It’s part of the human condition, so why are we always talking about it as if it is something that we have control over?”

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