Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare has had everybody talking over the past week, so it’s no surprise it’s been breaking records.

The Duke of Sussex managed to shift more than 1.4 million copies of the English language version of his book in its first day of publication, CNN reported.

The memoir was officially released on Tuesday, despite excerpts being published by certain publications prior to that and it accidentally going on sale early in Spain.

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The huge sales include paper, audio and electronic formats of the book in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., publisher Penguin Random House said in a statement.

“The first full day of sales of Spare represents the largest first-day sales total for any nonfiction book ever published by Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade publisher,” Penguin Random House stated.

2 million copies of Harry’s book were printed in the U.S. at first, Random House said, but now it’s “gone back to press for additional copies to meet demand.”

The release is for sale in 16 languages worldwide.

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The previous record was held by Barack Obama’s 2020 memoir A Promised Land, which shifted 887,000 copies in all formats on its first day in the U.S. and Canada.

This broke records at the time for the book’s publisher, Crown, which is an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Harry made numerous allegations about life in the royals in his book, including talking about his rocky relationship with his brother Prince William and detailing heated debates William had allegedly had with Meghan Markle.

He’s also been commenting further on the book in an array of TV interviews, including speaking to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s “Late Show”.

The Royal Family is yet to address the multiple allegations made by Harry, but a source told Vanity Fair that King Charles is “deeply hurt” by the book, while William is said to be “so angry that he cannot speak to his brother,” the publication stated.