Did you know Tom Cruise didn’t want to make another “Top Gun?” Well, the director revealed so. Joseph Kosinski revealed some unknown tales related to Tom while filming “Top Gun: Maverick.”

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1. Tom didn’t want to make another “Top Gun”

“I pitched the idea of this story being a reconciliation between him and Rooster set against this mission that would take Rooster into this very dangerous situation, that they’d end up together across enemy lines, having to resolve their differences and work together to get back home. As soon as I pitched that idea, I could just see the wheels in Tom’s head start to turn and all of a sudden, he had a very emotional reason, a hook back into this character, and a reason to come back, because I think in his mind it was like a one in a million shot that we would be able to get it right.”

2. Tom loves doing stunts and it is his dream

“Tom was jumping off the roof of his house as a kid.”

“He’s just always been that way. So, for him, he loves [stunts]. He’s always very well-trained and is working with the best people. To an outsider, it does look insane. But I think for him; he’d want to be doing nothing else. It’s his dream. He’s living his dream every day on a movie set doing these things,” said Kosinski.

3. Tom Cruise’s Maverick shot

Talking about the shot, he remembered and said:

You’re pulling 6, 7, 7.5 Gs in the jet, and that’s incredibly draining. One day, Tom came up to me and said, “I think I should go three times today.” He’s like, “Joe, when you see this footage, you’re going to be blown away.” So, Tom went up and shot his third act sequence, which is the big bombing run. He came back, and it was the last debrief of the day. I think all the other pilots had gone back to their trailers, and Tom came in and he collapsed in a chair, and he had his black Ray-Bans on. I said, “Tom, how’d you do?” And he said, “We crushed it.”

Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick — Paramount Pictures

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a follow-up to the “Top Gun” movie from 1986. The naval aviator Maverick is once again played by Tom Cruise in the lead role. It was based on the Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr.-created characters from the first movie.

Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, and Ed Harris are also featured in the movie.