Lisa Rinna is opening up about her decision to exit “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in her first major interview since leaving the reality show.

In a candid sit-down with Interview, Rinna admitted that the most recent season was not her favourite.

“I f**king hated this year. For a lot of reasons,” she said. “My mom died, we all know that. But that’s not the biggest reason. The story just didn’t get told as two-sidedly as I would’ve liked.”

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For Rinna, filming the show has been far more enjoyable than watching it.

“Filming’s fun. What is not so fun is the airing of the show,” she explained. “But once you see it, once it goes out into the universe, that I don’t love, because it takes on a life of its own. When filming, you have your drama, but it’s contained in a sense. And once it goes out, you get opinions and all the stuff that goes on, that’s the part I don’t like.”

As for her exit, Rinna said she felt it was time to put some distance between herself and “RHOBH” — at least temporarily.

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“Well, I think everything ‘Housewives’ has to go away for a while, which is good. I don’t need to hang out with anybody,” she said.

“I’m good to take a break,” Rinna added. “It’s time for a break. Not a pause, I don’t go on pause. You don’t put me on pause. I go bye-bye. You know what I’m saying?”