A long-forgotten TV commercial featuring a young Nick Jonas is back in the spotlight after the JoBros singer’s recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

As Jonas explained on the talk show, he recalled being a child actor auditioning for jobs.

“When I was a kid doing acting, Broadway, and music, I would go on auditions all the time,” Jonas told host Kelly Clarkson.

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“There were two big jobs you wanted to get as a child actor, the Hess truck holiday commercials … I never got it,” he continued.

“But I did get the other, second-most desirable job for a child … Chuck E. Cheese.”

Jonas went to to describe his experience filming the commercial.

“I’m sitting on the Skee-Ball thing, and I threw [a ball] behind my back, and it went into the [ring.] We did the first shot, and I actually got it in.”

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Asked how much he was paid, Jonas quipped, “They gave me a thousand tokens.”