Kim Kardashian is ramping up her activities related to U.S. prison reform.

The “Kardashians” star, who is in the midst of attaining a law degree, recently paid a visit to inmates who’ve been placed in solitary confinement within Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent, California.

As TMZ reports, she spent a day within the supermax prison in order to meet with prisoners in solitary, to discuss how their sentences have been affecting their “mental stabiliity.”

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Kardashian was accompanied by actor Tobey Maguire, producer Scott Budnick (whose credits include “The Hangover”) and a camera crew.

According to TMZ, the visit is part of a new documentary that would serve as something of a followup to previous documentaries that Budnick has produced focusing on teenagers in the American prison system, 2016’s “They Call Us Monsters” and 2013’s “Lost for Life”.

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