A French politician is heavily criticizing “Emily In Paris” for its apparent “Disneyland portrayal” of Paris “in the face of climate change.”

Dave Belliard, Deputy Mayor of Paris, slammed the show in a critique published in the French newspaper Libération.

“It’s a snapshot of an unchangeable Paris, a Disneyland, which is confined to the ultra-centre, inhabited only by the richest people in a uniform architectural heritage.”

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The politician further condemned the show for its “unrealistic” depiction of Paris in the face of climate change.

“This fable is neither desirable nor viable… there is the complete erasure of the constraints of climate deregulation and the rarity of resources. We have to get out of nostalgia for a stereotypical city and invent a new aesthetic coherence that is adapted to a changing world.”

Belliard, who is a member of the Socialist Party, is in charge of the transformation of public spaces and public roads.

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He claims the show’s portrayal of Paris “benefits the Conservative Party,” who don’t want to change Paris’ infrastructure for climate change.

The hit Netflix show, which stars British actress Lily Collins as an American who moves to Paris for a marketing job, is no stranger to criticism regarding its cultural portrayal of the city.

In a scathing review for Premiere, critic Charles Martin said “no cliché is spared” in the show, “not even the weakest.”