From the perspective of television viewers and moviegoers, Kevin Spacey’s thriving Hollywood career came to a screeching halt back in 2017, when he was fired from his acclaimed Netflix hit “House of Cards” after a series of sexual assault allegations.

In fact, Spacey was seen as so toxic a figure that scenes he’d already filmed for the 2017 feature “All the Money in the World” were reshot, at great expense, with Christopher Plummer in the role.

According to Spacey himself, however, the perception that he’s gone into hiding are simply not true.

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Speaking with Italian news agency Ansa, as reported by the Daily Mail, Spacey insisted he’s continuing to live his life as he always has.

“I live my life each day, I go to the restaurant, I meet people, I drive, I play tennis, I’ve always met generous, genuine and compassionate people,” said the two-time Oscar winner.

“I haven’t hidden away, I haven’t gone to live in a cave,” added Spacey, 63, who accused the media of distorting reality.

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“What you see in the media is not real life,” he added. “I’m not getting my public life back because I’ve never left it.”

Spacey is currently in Turin, Italy, where he is being presented with an award by the Italian National Cinema Museum. 

Meanwhile, Spacey made a virtual appearance in a British court on Friday, where he denied guilt in seven sex offense charges, all stemming from the years he spent as director of London’s Old Vic theatre.