Jennifer Coolidge wouldn’t have felt the same if the success she’s experiencing now had happened years ago.

The actress, who has been enjoying awards season success due to her role as Tanya in “The White Lotus”, chats to ET Canada’s Sangita Patel about being the talk of Hollywood right now.

She says of whether she’s feeling the “high”: “If it had happened earlier in my life, anything like it, you know, I wouldn’t feel this high.

“Butyou see, it was this surprise. It’s such an unexpected moment that I would never have predicted in a million years. So that’s what makes it fun… I’d already mapped out how it was going to go and it wasn’t going to go well.

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“So I am thrilled that this moment is happening. I mean, I don’t think anyone can rain on it.”

After winning a Golden Globe last week, Coolidge was then honoured with the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series on Sunday night.

She told press backstage, “I feel so alive, you know?

“You go through your life, and you sort of just assume you’re used to going a certain way and you just take on whatever that baggage is and that it’s never going to change.”

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Thanking “White Lotus” creator Mike White, the star went on, “I didn’t get to, you know, I thanked him and many other things.

“My life was changed overnight, and I could not be more grateful.”