“Property Brothers” siblings Drew and Jonathan Scott had some news to share with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman about the upcoming season of their HGTV series “Brother vs. Brother”.

During the interview, the brothers revealed that Jonathan’s girlfriend, former “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel, will be making an appearance.

“Well, the first thing is Zooey comes in to help Jonathan right off, right out the gate, and she finds the perfect property,” said Drew.

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“She was like combing the streets, like storming the neighbourhood, looking at every house that she could possibly find and found the perfect one,” he marvelled.

“For me, it’s almost like I’m competing me against the two of them,” Drew admitted.

According to Jonathan, he was happy to utilize Deschanel’s real-estate knowledge for the show.

“It’s so funny because, you know, she’s one of those people who just stalks real estate online. She always knows what’s for sale, what’s selling, what did it go for?” Jonathan explained. 

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“And she’s also very competitive,” he added. “So as soon as I said, ”Brother vs. Brother’ is happening, I need to find a property within, like, an hour.’ She had a stack that she had brought forward and she’s like, here’s what we have to do. If I didn’t know she was an actor and a singer, I would assume that she was like a 40-year veteran as a real estate agent because she knows best, basically.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan recently completed construction on his new dream home, and revealed that he and Deschanel spent Christmas together there.

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“This is our very first Christmas in the house,” he said, adding, “It was really magical.”

The next episode of “Brother vs. Brother” airs Sunday, Jan. 22 on HGTV Canada and streams on discovery+.