“Boy Meets World” star Will Friedle revealed a moment when he felt uncomfortable while filming an intimate scene for the show and recalled being told to look “more sexual” while he was a teenager.

Friedle also disclosed on his podcast with his co-stars Pod Meets World that he wanted to have intimacy coordinators on the set.

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“It creeped me out a little bit in retrospect,” Friedle said. “I know we’re not trying to dismantle everything we’ve done and all that kind of stuff, but it was a moment of being surrounded by a bunch of older people telling us how to make this scene look more sexual.”

“The role of an intimacy coordinator makes so much sense to me,” he continued. “I love the idea. That never existed, and now it’s become pretty standard on set and I love it. I’ve never worked with one personally, but I totally think that it’s a necessary role because you can’t just trust that a director or a producer is going to have the experience or the delicate tone that is required of that situation.”

Over the course of the seven seasons of the show, the young performers matured in front of the audience. Danielle Fishel was just 12 when she was chosen to play main character Cory’s love interest, Topanga Lawrence.

Actors Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle afterwards concluded that, while they appreciated the situation’s motivation, it should have been handled more effectively.

The actors have remained close friends for many years, and they haven’t held back while discussing their experience filming on the podcast.

During a candid Q&A on regarding Disney’s banned “Boy Meets World” episodes, Rider acknowledged being “very upset with the adults on set” for their “incredibly irresponsible” handling of Cory and Topanga having sex.